We  often hear that “You’re the third printer to stop in this morning…Sorry, we already have 4 print vendors…Give me one good reason I should do business with you instead of the 7 other guys on this street…”

We may have met while we were designing cards, brochures flyers and banners for your business in the business we contributed as graphic designers. We wanted to take a brief moment and re-introduce ourselves in a new capacity as business owners at JIOPRINTS.

With decades of experience behind us we present ourselves as a large scale, fully integrated, printing and advertising group equipped with most modern digital printing machines with strong relationships in all aspects of the printing industry.

We are actively seeking for new clients and partnerships where we can tune in to what printing needs you may have so we can keep an eye out for good prices to help fill your needs.

Please feel free to reach out to us direct to identify if there is any way I can help facilitate your needs and help lower your costs on printing and advertising.

We have been putting our experiences, earning an award-winning status for effectiveness in designing, developing and promoting results-driven printing solutions.

There are many printers in the GTA offering varying level of quality, service and price. We always endeavour to bring you the best in quality and service whilst delivering extremely competitive prices. If you feel that you can achieve better value elsewhere then please tell us about it. We will then endeavour to match or even beat what you have been offered Perhaps you have a bespoke job that is not on our price list? Maybe you sell high volumes of a particular product? Or perhaps you have found a lower price elsewhere compared to one of our price list products? If so fill in the provided form. We will then analyse the price and product and see if we can provide even better value for money.


  • We just got the cards in and we are delighted with what you did. They look fantastic.


  • We have been using the team at JIO for over 3 years and continue to go back to them as one of our main print partners. Consistent quality, competitive pricing and an excellent customer service ensures we will work with them for many years to come.

    Chris Popvoski